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Digital Health Solutions Ltd. is a Finnish company that offers solutions for digital technology in wellbeing, health and exercise. We apply our long-term experience and the latest industry knowledge to our projects. In addition to our own expertise, we provide our customers with the knowledge and skills of our domestic and international partner network. You are welcomed to browse for further information on this site!

In the public, our CEO, Ph.D. Pekko Vehviläinen represents our company. He is a highly sought after keynote speaker at various events and has made several media appearances. His most recent and forthcoming appearance information are listed below. You can ask Dr. Vehviläinen to speak in your event by sending your inquiry to or by calling +358 (0)50 487 2332.

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Why measure oneself?

I get asked that a lot! Well, first I started to measure myself for the measurements sake themselves – I bought my first heart rate monitor in 1997 and it was kind of fun to see I had been running, and the graphs on the computer screen made me feel like a professional athlete of sorts. But only recently I started to put the measurements to work – the gadgets themselves are quite useless; it is only by setting a goal, then gathering the data and finally analyzing the results, that one can achieve something. Here are some practical examples:


  • I wanted to look more lean, so I set a target to reduce my fat significantly – by 5%. With a nutrition diary in a mobile phone, a wearable calorimeter on the arm, and a smart scale connected to the Internet, I measured my base consumption, calorie intake, and burned calories. In just four months, I reduced my body fat % by 5% – from 19% to 14%. I managed to burn ~40 000 extra calories!


  • One of the dreams that I had was to run a marathon. But how to do that, exactly? I had not even finished a 10km run two years ago. So I took up running: a mobile app helped me on the runs, and the training programs from a web coach were embedded in it. A smart watch–which was connected to both a heart rate monitor and my smartphone–gave me exactly the right kind of information on how hard to train, and how to stick with the program. My running technique was improved because I learned to step lighter and use my leg muscles and tendons more efficiently to 180 bpm music rhythm. And finally, I made a program on my smartwatch that told me exactly where I was compared to my goal when I was running. I set a goal to finish my first 42,195 km marathon race in 4:24:24, and beat that target by 12 seconds!


  • A calorie intake mobile app and gym app have helped me to train hard and eat right at the same time. My muscle condition is on par with my personal records achieved 20 years ago, and I am in an overall better physical condition than an average 18 year old male.


  • Measurement of heart rate variation and electric activity in the brain give me accurate information on whether I have trained enough or too much, and on what heart rate zones I can exercise safely. I enjoy an injury-free, optimum level adaptive training program, only possible with the measurement devices.


  • Measuring my blood pressure encouraged me to maintain the ideal blood pressure of 120/80 Hgmm (which used to be 140/80 because of my bad eating habits and not exercising systematically enough).


  • I was not sick for a single day for 949 days in a row, before I caught a brief (2 day) cold. Why? Because the measurements had encouraged me to live healthier.


  • I now sleep 30 minutes longer per night, and the quality of sleep (measured in deep sleep duration and the amount of REM cycles) is much better than it used to be. Sleep measurement applications and the attached devices under my mattress give me guidance on how to sleep better and what corrective actions I can take to improve sleep quality.


How Do I Measure Myself?

On a regular basis, I use the following health tracking devices (20) and mobile apps (25)


Smartphones and tablets



Rest, stress, recovery and heart condition



Wellbeing and health



Weight, body and nutrition






Sports and fitness